Pluto (?)





About this object


Well, I am sure Pluto is in there but have not been able to make a definite identification yet, north is up in this shot.  At the time Pluto was nearby Sagittarius and thus in a field of many stars.   I thought this was at least an interesting field of different colored stars.   



Technical Information


Optics:                                  Meade LX90 8" SCT @ f/3.3              


Camera:                               Meade DSI


Date:                                     April 29th, 2006 (2:30am)


Location:                               Ft. Davis, Texas  (2006 Texas Star Party)


Exposure Details:                66 x 15 seconds


Acquisition:                           Meade AutoStar Envisage


Processing:                           AIP4WIN, Photoshop CS