About this object


This is one of my favorite planets second only to Saturn.  Skies were not good this night but took this anyway since I am still fine tuning my technique on  focusing and adjusting exposure.  Click here for 2x drizzle image.  Will try again in the near future to get a better shot of this big planet.  My Saturn picture from 2006 DSTS looks much better.  



Technical Information


Optics:                                  Meade LX90 8" SCT @ f20              


Camera:                               Phillips ToUCAM Pro


Date:                                     April 24th, 2006


Location:                               Ft. Davis, Texas  (2006 Texas Star Party)


Exposure Details:                1 minute video 10 fps


Acquisition:                           K3CCD3


Processing:                           Registax, Photoshop CS